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Commercial HVAC Services


HVAC Services

A core value of “taking care of our employees” has allowed us to grow our team of knowledgeable and dedicated service technicians. We all have a passion for this industry and it shows in our delivered product. Our motto: “Delivering solutions beyond repairs with passion and expertise”.

From large tonnage chillers to commercial unitary equipment our service department is second to none. Our technicians are always thinking outside the box for energy savings. We take ownership on all levels of service and always strive for the most efficient operation level of your equipment.

We service the following:

Preventative Maintenance Solutions

As a service provider for your facility, think of us as part of your team committed to keeping your building in top notch condition. Clients looking to drive savings to their bottom line in terms of energy spends, equipment life, and preventing capital surprises are more often contracting with us to perform preventative maintenance on their equipment.

We strive to deliver the best mechanical services available. That extends to our maintenance program, ensuring that every customer feels confident knowing that their commercial air conditioning system is operating smoothly.

Each one of our preventative programs are specially tailored to ensure that your building’s HVAC units continue operating at peak performance. Our experience and extensive knowledge of HVAC systems prepares our technicians to spot flaws or issues with your equipment before they turn into full blown mechanical breakdowns. Contact us today to learn more about how preventative maintenance pays for itself.

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Preventative Maintenance Solutions

Contact us today to learn more about how preventative maintenance pays for itself.

  • Flexible, aggressive preventative maintenance programs
  • Professional, courteous, well trained, and reliable technicians
  • Avoid expensive downtime and reduce energy waste
  • Work schedules that are convenient for you to keep system down time to a minimum.
  • Extend the equipment asset value, increasing the overall lifespan of your commercial air conditioning unit.
  • Reduced capital repair and replacement costs
  • Maintain proper comfort and indoor air quality
  • Eliminate business and technical risks
  • Preventing loss of customers due to poor indoor air quality

Mechanical Retrofit Solutions

At ACIS, we are tirelessly dedicated to delivering comprehensive facility solutions that support the resiliency, future-proofing, energy-saving, operation efficiency, and sustainability goals of our clients. Renovation, retrofit, and refurbishment of existing buildings represent an opportunity to upgrade the energy performance of building assets for their ongoing life. Often retrofit involves modifications to existing buildings that may improve energy efficiency or decrease energy demand.

As your business and space grows, your system needs may change and evolve. We can replace and upgrade your current system whether it is a modernization, renovation, or a change in ductwork for more efficient airflow. Our team provides a single source of accountability resulting in projects that deliver optimum results, lasting performance, within budget and meets deadlines.

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Mechanical Retrofit Solutions

The ACIS Mechanical Retrofit Team has the ability to Design, Estimate, and Manage Mechanical Projects that will Exceed your Expectations.

  • HVAC Retrofit Solutions that meet your requirements
  • Professional, courteous, well trained, and reliable technicians
  • Reduce energy costs and recoup your investment from energy savings
  • Work schedules that are convenient for you to keep system down time to a minimum.
  • Upgraded systems that meet or exceed current environmental requirements.
  • Chiller Replacement and Additions
  • Air Handler Unit Replacement and Additions
  • Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC) Replacement and Additions
  • Rooftop Unit (RTU) Replacement and Additions
  • Cooling Tower Retrofits, Replacements, and Additions
  • HVAC Equipment Retrofits, Replacements, and Additions
  • Boiler Replacement
  • Humidification and Dehumidification
  • Make Up Air Systems
  • Variable Air Volume (VAV) Terminal Systems
  • Heat Pump Systems
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow System
  • Ductwork modifications and replacement

Variable Refrigerant Flow

Heating and Cooling is a dynamic, ever-changing industry, and ACIS goes the extra mile to make sure that we’re always on the cutting edge of technology. Right now, Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems provide many benefits to customers who seek a modular, efficient, flexible, and quiet solution to their cooling requirements.

As the industry advances, the solutions that we are able to provide become more and more advanced. While many mechanical contractors have focused on simple drop-in unit replacement to solve your immediate problem, ACIS is poised to ask critical questions that might lead you in a different, and better direction. VRF systems are an option that more customers are selecting due to their myriad benefits over traditional DX cooling solutions.

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Variable Refrigerant Flow

Contact us today to learn more about how preventative maintenance pays for itself.

  • Flexible Installation – many units are modular in design and can fit where other larger, more traditional DX systems cannot.
  • Energy Efficiency – just like the industry learned with VAV (variable air volume) versus CV (constant volume) air-side systems, the ability to ramp up and ramp down refrigerant usage leads to more efficient operation and reduced energy spends.
  • Low-Noise – Offices and Hospitals aren’t the only place where quiet operation is important. Studies have shown that quieter and less disrupted work areas are more productive.
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Commercial HVAC Services

From large tonnage chillers to commercial unitary equipment our service department is second to none. We provide all your commercial HVAC solutions including preventative maintenance solutions, mechanical retrofit solutions, variable refrigerant flow specialties and more.

Building Automation

ACIS provides Building Automation services across a wide variety of applications and industries. From standalone Package Unit controllers to VAV systems to large-scale Chilled Water plants, ACIS has the expertise to automate any HVAC application.


The ACIS Commercial Plumbing Services Division is comprised of licensed Master and Journeyman Plumbers who have been trained to provide Service and Maintenance for all of your Plumbing needs.


The ACIS Electrical Department is staffed with the capability and flexibility to handle all types and sizes of service, upgrades, and projects. Electrical systems are a vital piece of a building’s performance and require special attention which ACIS is qualified to handle.

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The ACIS tech that helped us out did a very good job and was very thorough.

    Tracy Stegall


    I just wanted to give Pat with ACIS kudos for working so hard at the building helping us keep our system running and teaching me what I need to know about Commercial HVAC systems. He is great at what he does and knows this system here inside and out. I have learned so much from him and probably would never have learned this much had it been someone else here as our contractor. Give him a pat on the back and tell him he is an essential employee for ACIS and the customers you have.

      Bart Angle


      Thank you for hiring such a great group of techs. Matt, Zack, Al, even Wally, have worked really hard all week to get our weather damage repaired and all of our residents back to having HVAC. They just got the last resident VRF put back together and it is cooling. Tomorrow they will work several of the VRF’s where they borrowed boards and such to get the others up and running. We appreciate all of the ACIS groups, from your crackerjack Dispatch folks to the plumbers and even unitary! But the VRF techs have really shined for us over the years and we appreciate their hard work and commitment.

        Robert Russell

        Tradition Senior Living

        I wanted to say thank you for sending Edgar for our plumbing needs. Edgar has resolved many of our main water leaks in our irrigation in 2 of our sites. Last night he made a repair that was leaking .5 gallon/sec in the ground. I also want to say that I have seen nothing but the best craftsmanship in plumbing installation by Edgar. His pride in his craft shows and represents ACIS very well.  He stayed after hours and got the repairs completed so we can continue to trouble shoot the irrigation system. 5 Star award to Edgar. Thanks for your help.

          Rick Dominguez

          JLL Chief Engineer

          We Work With The Best